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Shawn Dulaney

Shawn Dulaney Biography

Shawn Dulaney lives in Brooklyn, New York and works in New York City.

Noted painter Shawn Dulaney has exhibited her work nationally for more than two decades, including important venues in New York, Santa Fe, California, Pennsylvania and Colorado.

From The New York Times (Sunday, April 27, 2003): "Stylistically, the paintings are a cross between the atmospherically intense seascape paintings of J.M.W. Turner, and the impulsive, intuitive abstractions of Cy Twombly. One distinct characteristic of Ms. Dulaney's work is the use of poetry; enigmatic words inscribed directly into the wet acrylic paint. A soupy, drippy texture to the acrylic paint characterizes all these works. The exquisitely painted surfaces of all are a pleasure to see."

From The New York Times (Sunday, May 13, 2001): "It doesn't take long before the viewer realizes that the paintings are less pure abstractions than landscapes (there's always a horizon line) and that they belong to a very strong tradition, that of 19th-century Northern European Romanticism in which nature was seen as corresponding to human emotional states. Ms. Dulaney makes it clear that her inner life is very much a part of each painting, and this alone distinguishes it from most abstraction."

"Shawn Dulaney is deliberately out for grandeur. But she is also out for intimacy. Her paintings take advantage of their innate ambiguity and declare themselves to be very current in the thinking that lies behind them." - William Zimmer

In her paintings, Dulaney places pigment in acrylic medium and employs several layers of transparent glazes to achieve a rich translucency that enables the viewer to see colors through each other. This has prompted at least one writer to note that Dulaney's work relates most closely to the "Mark Rothko branch" of Abstract Expressionism.

Shawn Dulaney studied at Mills College (Oakland, CA), the Berkshire College of Art (Maidenhead, England), Stanford University Studies Center in Britain (Maidenhead, England), and the New School of Art (Toronto, Canada).

Shawn Dulaney Description



An everywhere of silver,

With ropes of sand

To keep it from effacing

The track called land.

Emily Dickinson

Water, sky, shores, hills and crags of Scotland's seacoast interplay with light in Shawn Dulaney's new paintings. Her colors, textures and images, inseparable from motion and emotion, turn the commonplace into the extraordinary. A shivering amber smudge here, a cloud white streak there - each painting is a dramatic event delivered by paintbrush. Her work touches our eyes insisting that we give nature our full attention. The vagueness in the messy, drippy surfaces allows for our own Rorschach moments. These large-scale paintings are gorgeous,cosmic snapshots of nature undressed and telling a story.

In "Sighing Water" drips run and thread their way, outlining and crashing around the color, pulling our eyes to see suggestions of land, wet beach and water. Images here are indistinct, letting us also enjoy a beautiful abstraction: blue, green and brownish swaths of washed out paint rushing slantwise.

In "Rising Above", a painting mostly of sky, we perch on a sloping brown shore in the foreground, and come upon nature as a secret world. See the far shore at the end of the glinting expanse of water, where a magic trick suggests a few stands of bent trees in shadow. The sun-smoldered cracks and veins rusting at the edges of the shore are mirrored to lovely subtle effect in the clouds that hover next to corners of blue sky.

The wizardry of these effects result from Dulaney's technique, resembling fresco, consisting of using plaster like grounds with a layering of acrylic paint over to create depth/translucency.

Weber Fine Art is pleased to present their eleventh exhibition of Shawn Dulaney's work. Dulaney has painted for over three decades, exhibiting nationwide. Her work can be found in extensive public and private collections worldwide. She lives in Brooklyn with her two sons and husband. - Rosemary Moore April 2011

Shawn Dulaney Statement

She unearthed a hidden reservoir, A sacred river Became a waterfall rushed with voice, And many doors opened With light.
I am inspired by the simple evocative symbolism in nature, and by the power of light to reflect awe and reverence. My paintings are windows to inner and outer landscapes. I use light and color as emotional symbols. The process of making them is a meditation and a journey, creating spaces where the elements hold personal meaning and poetic metaphor. I experience the paintings as holding their own soul, separate from mine, as in the birth of a child. They remind me that light is a gift. In this work I search for the rudimentary interdependency of the concrete and the ethereal. I draw on the notion of the indomitable spirit.

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