Early Summer Preview
Shawn Dulaney, 2012
June 20 - July 28, 2012

Early Summer Preview 
Shawn Dulaney_ 2012
New paintings and works on paper

Shawn Dulaney’s luminous paintings are non-objective but have deep roots in nature. In this new body of work she uses a vibrant palette to weave together references of flowing water, moving clouds, and bouncing light. The result are works full of beauty, joy and the energy of spring.

Her paintings, as described by Doug McClemont from ARTnews Magazine “concern the earth and the unyielding hand of nature”.

The surfaces of the paintings, as described by Dominick Lombardi of The New York Times, are “exquisitely painted” and “a pleasure to see”.

William Zimmer of The New York Times says, “Her paintings take advantage of their innate ambiguity and declare themselves to be very current in the thinking that lies behind them”.

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